can stretching make you taller ?


If you are short, or have a poor posture, you will be happy to know that stretching can make you taller. Yes, it’s possible as stretching helps strengthen the muscles which support good posture. Not only does genetics make you short, but also unhealthy working conditions and an inactive lifestyle leads to poor posture and an unaligned vertebrae.

Stretching helps strengthen your back and abdominal muscles which in turn increases the gaps between the invertebral discs. Stretching leads to more room in the vertebral disc to absorb nutrients and grow thicker. It thus increases the back bone’s height increasing the length of the spine and thus naturally makes you taller.

Hanging, swimming and yoga helps

Gravity is a force which can prevent you from increasing your height as spending your body in an upright and vertical position through the day leads to gravity compressing both your joints and your vertebral column. This in turn reduces the space between the cartilages to make you shorter. This can be counteracted by hanging as this leads to your lower torso’s weight stretching your spine and thus reducing tension between the vertebrae.

You can hang from a horizontal bar placed high enough for your body to fully extend or from a strong limb of a tree. For better effects, repeat at least thrice a day, and wear ankle weight for increased benefits. Regular hanging can in fact make you grow taller by at least an inch or two.

Besides hanging, swimming, dry swimming and other yoga exercises can help make you grow taller. The exercise program should basically include exercises which helps increase yoru body flexibility levels and also makes both your cartilage and bone more receptive to growth.

Don’t take it too hard on yourself

Reducing your stomach fat also helps you grow tall faster as it makes you light, and helps you easily target your back bone. Even including exercises like weight lifting which release the human growth hormones help make you taller as HCG increases cell production in living organisms, and overall body growth.

It’s important that stretching is pain free, and that you don’t force your body into difficult positions. You need to stretch slowly and avoid any bouncing as it may only tear muscles. It’s better to do your stretching exercises on a large, clean and flat surface where you can move freely and hold stretches for 20-30 seconds to loosen muscles or joints.

Last, but not least, don’t think that stretching will make you taller overnight. You need to do your stretches consistently, and for a prolonged period for optimal results.